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25 Years of Botox®

I was talking with my friend Jo (Josephine) about wearing our masks when we came around to how the only thing visible these days is our foreheads. Jo's forehead has aged. She's annoyed. Next thing you know we're talking Botox®.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Zoom! FaceTime! Suddenly we all need to be camera ready. We're at home, but on display. Whether you're teleconferencing for business or connecting with your grandkids I'm sure you've been noticing how unflattering a computer or cell phone is to your face. Wrinkles seem deeper. Brown spots look darker. Jowls appear even droopier.

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Face It

Face it, we're all fascinated by celebrity. And nowadays, with Zoom conferencing, FaceTime, and all the other online video formats we need to be ready for our close-ups. Which is why I found myself studying Jane Fonda on TV the other day.

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