Winter - A Good Time to Laser

Sorry to be a drag, but yes, it is January and time to make good on those resolutions. You promised yourself to do something about your skin or feel better about your reflection in the mirror, right?

Luckily this is the best time of year for laser resurfacing, a non-surgical method to solve the skin problems that come with aging. Lasers continue to be the most advanced technology for improving your skin both medically and cosmetically. Skin color, texture, tone, scars, fine lines, brown spots, rosacea and sun damage can be dramatically improved. Precancerous lesions can be “zapped”away before they create trouble. One procedure, multiple results! Sound good?

A CO2 laser carefully removes the outer layers of skin along with unwanted imperfections. As  you heal, your body will grow new and improved skin that looks and feels like the skin you had many years ago. The face, neck and chest are the usual areas for lasering although the backs of the hands are a popular request too. Leg spots? Also doable. Go for all at once, or just one area at a time for an easier recovery. Most patients opt for topical anesthesia which provides all the pain relief needed. Once the anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Sackman guides the laser over your skin adjusting the setting to just the proper depth for your particular problems. Multiple problems may need several passes to achieve all the results you want. Dr. Sackman’s experience means that the whole process will be quick and easy. Depending on the strength of your treatment you will leave the office looking mildly to very sunburned. Keeping the area heavily moisturized is key to a quick and successful recovery. Follow instructions and you’ll see improvement each day until you emerge looking younger and refreshed.

As always, before you decide where to go, do a little homework. Lasers vary and so do the skills of those using them. The Deka Smartxide CO2 laser used at Enhancements has a proven track record and still is the best aesthetic CO2 laser available. In the hands of Dr. Sackman it is fully adjustable so it can renew your skin according to your needs and lifestyle. If a fast recovery is important to you a mild treatment is possible, though it may need to be repeated to give you the best outcome. If you want to maximize your results, you might need more time to recover after fewer but deeper treatments. Either way, Dr. Sackman will work with you to help achieve your goals.

There has never been a better time to choose laser resurfacing. Cold weather keeps us indoors. Wind often turns our skin pink anyway. Coats, hats and scarves help conceal the healing process. Our January Specials include laser and other skin procedures to take advantage of the seasonal benefits. Just pick up the phone, smooth sailing from there. We’re here to guide you through it.

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What Our Patients Are Saying:

This is a really skilled cosmetic surgeon and a great E.N.T. I feel that he is always honest and has my best interest at heart. When he does a cosmetic treatment it works. When I see him because I am sick, he makes me better.

~ Shannon L.
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