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Laser Hair Removal in Bethlehem, PA

About Laser Hair Removal

Using the science of light-physics, specialized medical lasers have been developed which can be used to treat unwanted hair on any part of the face or body. Dr. Sackman uses the Alexandrite Laser, the best hair removal laser. At Enhancements we have the proper equipment to perform laser hair removal upon all skin types. At the present time there is no laser available which can effectively treat gray, white, or light blonde hairs.

The hair laser works by super-heating each hair shaft. That heat is then carried along the hair to its root, which is located beneath the skin's surface. Chilled air, blown onto the skin prevents discomfort. The root then dies, and that individual hair is unable to grow back.

The science of Laser Hair Removal is young and still evolving. The process has only had F.D.A. approval since 1990. At our current state of knowledge, it is believed that it generally takes 5 laser treatments to remove about 90 percent of the hair from a treated area. Treatments are performed at one month intervals. Waxing and shaving are discouraged for a few days before or after each laser treatment.

Happily, Enhancements Facial Surgery and Laser Center, in Bethlehem Township, PA, owns a specialized laser, designed to treat tanned, brown or black skin, so that we are able to treat all skin types. If you are light skinned, it is best not to be tanned, as the laser works most quickly when the color difference between the skin color and the hair color is most pronounced. Patients with very light skin and very dark hair obtain the quickest results.

Most often, the process is complete after the series of 5 treatments. In some patients, fine hairs appear 6 months to 1 year after the initial series is completed. One or two additional treatments can be necessary to remove these "late-blooming" hairs.

Before & After Laser Hair Removal

Results may vary
Results may vary
Results may vary

What Our Patients Are Saying:

I've known Dr. Sackman for many years and my experience with him has always been good. He is very knowledgeable about the latest in his field.

~ Courtenay B.
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