Things you should know that not everyone tells you

Discover essential yet often overlooked tips for enhancing well-being in our latest blog post. Dive into the significance of pre-injection care, the transformative power of hydration for skin health, and the art of choosing the right skincare products. Uncover the truths behind cosmetic procedures and why opting for professional expertise is paramount. Embrace these small, impactful practices for a significant boost in comfort, recovery, and overall satisfaction. Join us in exploring these hidden gems of personal care, where every detail counts towards your journey to a healthier, more radiant you.

Little things can add up. They can also be overlooked or even ignored by busy practitioners and internet gurus. But your comfort, your recovery, your pocketbook and your overall satisfaction can be improved with a few small tips.

Start with Ice:

Icing before injections takes up time and space, so many offices don’t offer it beforehand. But skin that has been properly iced-until it is numb-means that you will have less pain, less swelling and less chance of bruising. If ice is not offered ask for it. Ask why not if  they say no.

Moisturize, say it again, moisturize!:

Moisturizing your skin from the inside AND outside is absolutely essential to prevent wrinkles and improve overall skin health. Let’s explore the inside first.

Drinking plenty of water seems hard to do every day and water is the best source of hydration, but not the only source. The payoff for getting 8 glasses (64 oz.) each day is worth it. Your body is about 50%-70% water so hydration contributes to kidney health, joint health and the protection of sensitive tissues-including (YES!) The skin. I like to start my day with a small 6 ounce glass of juice. I drink half straight up-AHH!-, then I fill the rest of the glass with water to get a jump on my water intake. After that another 6 ounces of just water goes down pretty easily. The juice counts a little too so right at the start of the day I’ve had about 12 ounces. The latest research suggests that coffee and tea, even with caffeine, are hydrating. Yay! We can count our morning cups and there’s an excuse to order the grande! A cup of herbal tea at mid-morning and you are down to a simple 28 ounces to space out over lunch and dinner. You see, not so hard to do after all.

Now for the outside.  Skincare products touting miracles are so omnipresent we can’t escape them. Always doubt the marketing and be wary of spas that cheerfully load up your to-go bag with multiple expensive lotions and potions. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use several products, just be selective. A few effective products that target your particular skin will do more than many ineffective ones. First, find a really good daily moisturizer. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Some over-the-counter products like Cetaphil or Lubriderm contain the ingredients that have been proven over time. More expensive moisturizers found at spas and medical offices may contain ingredients that help the lotion feel silkier and penetrate more quickly. Either way, the key is to find something you like and do it consistently.

You get what you pay for:

It’s hard to imagine letting a mechanic do your appendectomy. Fortunately, there are laws preventing that from happening even if you want to choose that option. Unfortunately, there are no such laws governing many cosmetic procedures. Don’t be fooled by spas and salons touting less expensive options for procedures that should be performed by a doctor. Botox, injectables, lasers and all invasive treatments require skill that can only come from years of training and experience. You’re smart, you know this, you deserve only the best.

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What Our Patients Are Saying:

In short, never let anyone but a Board Certified plastic surgeon do ANYTHING to your face. Thanks for fixing mine!

~ Sarah G.
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