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Face it, we're all fascinated by celebrity. And nowadays, with Zoom conferencing, FaceTime, and all the other online video formats we need to be ready for our close-ups. Which is why I found myself studying Jane Fonda on TV the other day.

Guiltily I compared, approved, criticized and wondered, “What has she had done?”  She looks great AND she looks natural. What's her secret? As it so happens I have a resident expert who recognizes cosmetic improvements at a glance. I didn't have to schedule an appointment to get a professional opinion, I just glanced down the sofa and asked, “so what do you see?”  Which led me to think about my unique point of view concerning plastic surgery and its related topics. My husband, Scott, and I have been married for 30 years. We met as he began his medical residency in Ear, Nose and Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery 33 years ago. It's time I started to share some thoughts.

Jane's appearance isn't shocking. After all, she's been doing routine maintenance for years. She always looked great. In the 1980's I huffed and puffed along with her aerobics videos while she cooed encouragement without missing a beat. Could that really have been almost 40 years ago?  We especially notice her great looks now because at 82 she's still fabulous. She seems to be just a great looking older woman who has aged well. But we know better because no one over 80 looks that fresh without some help. Jane “kept up” by addressing her wrinkles and sags as they developed and she didn't over-correct by going too tight with a surgery or asking for too much Botox. Which is why my advice to anyone thinking about doing something to her appearance is to start early, start slowly, and do a little at a time. You won't startle yourself or anyone else if the change is gradual. It is easier to take the first step when you know you won't startle your loved ones with a shocking change.

Most celebrities admit to surgery and injections nowadays because the stigma has finally disappeared. It's okay now to put yourself high on the list of people you take care of. Making an appointment with a plastic surgeon might seem vain but don't feel you need to rationalize it to yourself or anyone else. It's healthy and normal to want to feel good about your appearance. Self-confidence is important to your mental health.

By the way, my husband's opinion is that Jane has surely had a face lift and neck lift and some skin resurfacing procedures. She does Injectables for maintenance for sure. My thanks to her for pushing me to share.

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