Lights, Camera, Action!

Zoom! FaceTime! Suddenly we all need to be camera ready. We're at home, but on display. Whether you're teleconferencing for business or connecting with your grandkids I'm sure you've been noticing how unflattering a computer or cell phone is to your face. Wrinkles seem deeper. Brown spots look darker. Jowls appear even droopier.

What is that all about? And what can you do about it?

Many of the problems are due to poor lighting. Step one is to find the most flattering light in your home and set up there. Using your cell phone, walk around until you find a convenient spot with soft, diffused, even light. In front of a window is best. A room with multiple windows would be even better. Never sit with full sunlight directly on your face and be sure there is no overhead or side lighting which will put you in shadow. If you can't move your computer, you can add lighting with a small ring light or multiple lamps placed all around.

Next, find your best angle. You don't want to shoot from below, highlighting the double chin you didn't know you had and the neck wrinkles you've been meaning to do something about. Instead, place the camera slightly above eye level so that you lift your eyes, face and neck to look into the lens. Be sure you're not too close which can distort your features. About arms length should work.

A little attention to hair and makeup is advisable. Be sure to keep it natural. Presentable clothing from the top up helps too. Focus on the camera, don't touch your face or fidget and be sure there are no background distractions.

In addition to these tips, a trip to Enhancements always makes you look better. Some Botox® or filler injections do wonders. From microdermabrasions for brightening and smoothing, to laser wrinkle reduction or Instalift® for sagging, there are multiple ways to improve all of the problems you're now zooming in on. Take charge, brighten your appearance and lighten your mood. Tomorrow is a new day!

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After years of trying another Spa and hundreds of dollars in skin creams to remove the dark spot from my face Dr Sackman removed it completely with the CO2 laser...I am totally happy with the results...I highly recommend anyone to try this painless inexpensive treatment!!!!

~ Nancy H.
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